Funny Environmental Video

posted 13.05.2010

Here at BuilderScrap we came across this funny video on YouTube, let us know what you think....

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A Burning Issue

posted 07.04.2010

Today something entirely different and I’m afraid not really Recipro related. I saw a rather disturbing report in The Guardian regarding how to reduce my carbon footprint once dead! Should I really be concerned how much carbon is expended whilst they dispose of my body? It transpires that cremation creates a large carbon footprint, whilst burial is equally damaging to the environment and is ...

Category: environment, funnies, in the news, Mike Close

Recipro Quiz

posted 31.03.2010

The Recipro team have come up with a fun construction/environment related quiz, see how you get on, answers will be published on the site next week! 1) For every tonne of household waste how much do commercial, industrial and construction businesses produce? a. Another 2 tonnes b. Another 6 tonnes c. Another 15 tonnes 2) What are the most environmentally unfriendly construction materials? a. Co...

Category: environment, funnies, industry

What is Recipro

posted 04.03.2010

Want to know more about Recipro... visit our Youtube Channel ...

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Items available on Recipro

posted 03.03.2010

As I'm sure you all know we're a completely free website for the construction trade, set up by builders for builders, that aims to facilitate contact between different trades people and help them to use up surplus in the supply chain. provides an outlet to encourage reuse of material that would otherwise be thrown away. It's a way for the industry to work together to reduce the amou...

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