Recipro impressed with strength of Hippobag

posted 23.08.2011

Hippobag shows off just how strong their bags are and Recipro are very impressed! ...

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Recipro celebrate national shed week!

posted 04.07.2011

All the waiting is over?It?s finally here?Happy National Shed Week everyone! This week marks the 5th National Shed Week. I know what you are thinking how many trivial themed weeks must we endure, and my recipro colleagues seem to agree, one exclaiming ?how can they have a national shed week?? What she doesn?t realise is the great history behind the British love affair with sheds. If every English...

Category: funnies, general, Mike Close

Construction Bloopers

posted 18.05.2011

Recipro has taken a couple of minutes out of its busy day saving surplus construction materials from landfill to see the lighter side of construction.                  This guy is definitely on edge.               Spacious home with balcony with breathtaking views!                   Mind the last step.               Something not quite right here lads!     ...

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Construction - What not to do!

posted 14.04.2011

Recipro has found a number of funny images on the internet and we thought we’d like to share them with our users, these picture certainly show you what not to do in construction. I think I'd go the long way round! You're alright mate, you can go first! There won’t be too many thieves losing sleep over this. People wonder why there is so much road rage! Tut-tut no one is even ho...

Category: funnies, Paul Jones

Funny Accidents on a Construction Site

posted 14.05.2010

Recipro found this funny compelation of accidents on a variety of building sites, leave your comments....

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