Food production and climate change

posted 06.01.2010
This post acts as an indicator to how the average person perceives environmental change. It's not just Construction but also food production that contributes to climate change.

More than half (57%) agreed with the statement that "food production contributes to climate change", while 12% disagreed with this. However about one third either did not know (10%) or said they neither agreed nor disagreed with the statement (22%). Unlike the measures in the previous section, agreement with this statement was not linked to the amount of uneaten food the respondent generally ended up throwing away. Those who agreed that food production contributes to climate change were no more likely to throw away uneaten food than those who disagreed with this statement.

Extent of agreement with the statement about food and climate change

Respondents were also asked what they would do if they had a better understanding of the environmental impacts of how food is produced. Half (50%) said that they would be willing to make changes to the food they buy to reduce the impact on the environment. Slightly fewer than one quarter (23%) of respondents said they would still buy the food they usually buy, even if they were better informed. One quarter (24%) said they had already made changes to the food that they buy to reduce their impact on the environment, with nearly one in ten (9%) saying they were keen to do more.
Extent of agreement with statement about food and climate change

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