Exciting Partnership for the Construction Industry

posted 23.10.2009
Recipro is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration with Construction Centre for Innovation North West (CCINW) and Salford University.  The partnership has been created in order to develop a technology to accurately measure the amount of carbon saved by members of the recipro website.

The recipro website launched a year ago and, at the time of writing, has 900 members using the site, a figure which is growing continually.  The website works simply, effectively, and is free to use.  Members can register and upload any leftover, surplus construction materials to the website.  Other members can then search for these materials, and contact the seller to make an exchange.  The website has been received very well by the construction industry, as this partnership with CCINW shows.  The initiative is supported by CCINW through the North West Opportunities Programme, which is linked to the region’s Carbon Reduction Targets.

The development of the ‘Carbon Calculator’ is still in the very early stages, and it is hoped that this will be up and running by the New Year.  The aim of the Calculator is to provide statistics on carbon reductions to the individual companies involved in an exchange, and also to local councils and corporate clients.

Recipro is pleased to be part of WRAP’s Halving Waste to Landfill commitment and is also partnered with Envirolink Northwest and Envirowise.The main benefit of using BuilderScrap, is that by encouraging reuse of surplus materials within the industry, less waste is sent unnecessarily to landfill, offering significant cost savings to the user.  The introduction of the Carbon Calculator service will allow members and corporate clients to quantifiably prove their individual savings, which can potentially help them to gain new clients and work and improve their Corporate Social Responsibility.

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