Plastic bag levy confirmed - but not until 2015

posted 20.09.2013

Here at Recipro we have followed with interest the recent coverage of the carrier bag debate. It seems that the coalition has finally confirmed (after much speculation) that England will be following the example of Wales and Northern Ireland and introducing a 5p levy on single-use plastic bags. However criticism has followed the announcement, with the charge not coming into effect until after th...

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Healthier Office Happier Employees

posted 19.09.2013

Many businesses have looked at and made steps towards creating a greener office in some capacity or another. Here at Recipro we have a number of environmental initiatives like our ‘Plastic Bag Reuse Box’ as well as other reuse & upcycling projects which promote healthy living and wellbeing. This week we will be looking at how our environment impacts on our mood and wellbeing starting with ...

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Cameron hints at carrier bag charges for England

posted 09.09.2013

As you may recall from the Recipro blog we reported the successes witnessed in Wales through the introduction of the carrier bag tax. Now it seems that these same successes have not gone unnoticed by Prime Minister Davis Cameron who has dropped his largest hint yet that England may follow suit. During a recent visit to a school in Teddington the Prime Minister stated that he had been involved in...

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Food Waste at Home

posted 06.09.2013

In the grand finale of our series on food waste as part of Zero Waste week we are going to look at what we, the consumer, can do to reduce food waste. It will come as no surprise that of all the household food waste created that a large proportion is products which have not been consumed before its use by date; in fact it is estimated to be about 60% of household food waste. The value of all th...

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New Reuse Standard Proposed

posted 06.09.2013

Here at Recipro we read with interest that WRAP has released draft proposals for a new standard for the reuse sector. The proposed standard aims to help build customer confidence in reused products across all reuse sectors. The publication proposes a sector wide standard so organisations can offer products for reuse that have undergone a formalised quality assured process. This comes on the back ...

Category: environment, general, in the news, Mike Close



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