Surplus Food Centre Opens in Yorkshire

posted 13.01.2014

Here at Recipro we are dedicated to redistributing surplus resources for the benefit of the wider community. Our construction surplus centres (ReciproCties) have been able to help many people to access building materials at low prices. Now it appears that the first surplus food ‘social supermarket’. The ‘supermarket’ located in Goldthorpe, sells food and drink for up to 70% less than on t...

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Reducing Green Levies could result in 10,000 jobs being lost

posted 22.11.2013

The UK Green Building Council and the construction industry has warned the Government to be cautious when thinking of cuts to ?green levies? on energy bills as it could risks the loss of 10,000 construction and insulation jobs. The body warns that there could be job cuts before Christmas if the Chancellor unveils measures to cut or scale-back Energy Company Obligation in the Autumn statement on...

Category: environment, industry, Paul Jones

More hot air for Sustainability

posted 19.11.2013

Many cynics will declare that there is plenty of hot air in the world of sustainability, but now hot air also means action with an innovative new scheme working with the London Underground. Trudging through the London Underground is hot work especially with lap top and luggage in tow. When you factor in the vast crowds of people rushing to and fro in a mass frenzy to reach immanent departures int...

Category: environment, Mike Close

Backhauling - cutting costs, carbon and hygiene standards?

posted 19.11.2013

  An argument has arisen over the use of grocery logistics vehicles being used to backhaul waste products after it emerged that Tesco had being using their vehicles to do exactly this. The story has brought to light a practice whereby Tesco have stopped the use of a waste contractor for general rubbish instead using its own fleet to pick up rubbish from stores following delivery. Despite Tesco?...

Category: environment, in the news, Mike Close

Banning Food Waste to Landfill?

posted 18.11.2013

  Food Waste, it?s on everyone?s lips, but not literally. Its one of the fashionable environmental topics of the moment but today we are looking at whether a UK landfill ban on food waste would represent a positive and realistic step. With Christmas around the corner it seems an appropriate time to discuss; with the most wasteful period of the year looming large. In the UK household food waste al...

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