Environment Agency continues crackdown of illegal waste sites

posted 22.10.2013
The Environment Agency’s drive to find and shut down illegal waste sites has received a boost with new data highlighting the successes of the scheme.

The data shows that during the 2012-2013 period 1,279 illegal waste sites were closed, that equates to 25 every week. This represents a sharp increase on the previous period of 2011-2012 when the agency closed 670 illegal waste sites.

It emerged that construction and demolition waste was discovered at about 25% of these sites. It also found that old vehicles represented another of the more significant waste streams of these illegal sites.

It has been estimated that illegal sites divert £1bn from legitimate business operations each year, this highlights that these activities are economic as well as environmental crimes. The courts have confiscated £1.3m in the last year from waste criminals.

The Agency taskforce are nearing the end of its two-year crusade to close illegal waste sites and will be disbanded in December.

With the increasing cost of disposal this has created a black market on the back of the financial incentives to commit waste crime.

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