Bulky waste re-use potential is significant

posted 20.08.2012

Here at Recipro we are well aware of the benefits and potential for re-use in the United Kingdom and it is with interest that we learned of the recent findings from a report looking into the potential for Bulky waste re-use. The report titled ?Composition and re-usability of bulky waste in the UK? tackled the notion that bulky materials collected from the kerbside or delivered to household wast...

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BREEAM launch refurbishment scheme

posted 12.06.2012

Today BREEAM launches its new scheme for the refurbishment of domestic buildings. The scheme is intended to work alongside the Government?s green deal to bring the largest return. The assessment method is suitable for use on projects from home improvements, such as replacing windows and fitting new insulation, to developments, whether multiple to single dwellings. The process has gone through ...

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Construction workers most sought after employees

posted 10.02.2012

A recent survey of recruitment consultants has given hope for the construction industry by showing that construction and engineering workers have become the most sought after employees. The growth in placements by recruitment consultants for permanent construction and engineering staff scored an index of 57.7, where 50 represents no change and anything over 50 represents growth. For temporary ...

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