Crane Collapse Kills Two at World Cup Stadium Construction Project

posted 28.11.2013

In recent weeks here at Recipro we have reported on many safety concerns in the preparation for the Qatar world cup, however, it this time it is Brazil under the spotlight as an accident left two dead in the construction of a world cup stadium for 2014.

The tragic accident followed the collapse of a crane at the Sao Paulo stadium in Brazil. The stadium is due to host the opening ceremony at next years World Cup. The accident happened during a lunchtime break but still resulted in two deaths, Fábio Luiz Pereira, age 42 and Ronaldo Oliveira Santos, age 44. The collapse also damaged parts of the stand.

The crane was holding a metallic cover in a process that had been done 37 times before with lifts of a similar dimension and weight. It remains to be seen why the crane collapsed on this occasion but an investigation will no doubt follow to determine the cause of the failure.

The stadium in question was due to be finished by the end of December in line with a Fifa deadline, however this latest set back may push the project completion back. Brazil has admitted that it is struggling to complete all 12 venues in time for the staging of the 2014 World Cup.

Recipro sourced this article from the Construction Enquirer.

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