Construction materials diverted into community project

posted 10.04.2012


At Recipro we?re determined to keep helping community projects by diverting surplus building materials away from landfill! We have a free to use website which everyone can use but we also offer a range of corporate services for large contractors and merchants who wish to help the community they work in, whilst lowering their own skip costs.

This blog looks at yet another community project that have benefited from purchasing cheap building materials from Recipro and how this helped reduce the environmental impact of the construction project.

? Over 4.8 tonnes waste avoided  

? 2945kg of carbon saved

? Over £730 saved *


North Liverpool Regeneration Company (NLRCo) is a community organisation that aims to address the full im­pact of multi-deprivation in the North Liverpool area to improve the employment prospects and the quality of life for residents.

They offer a range of services with the local community including education and training, business development and environmental services. It is a registered charity, and acts as an umbrella to several projects serving residents and business in the area.

They recently purchased a range of building materials including kitchen units to upgrade their kitchen facilities in their centre and also for use within the construction appren­ticeships and training courses which they operate to help boost employment opportunities for youngsters. They also purchased a large quantity of bricks and nails for use within their training courses. Overall they saved over £730 through purchasing through Recipro.

The total carbon saved through the reuse of these materi­als was 2945kg, including a recipient saving as the mate­rial did not need to be ?remade?, and a supplier saving by diverting the material from the waste stream. Over 4.8 tonnes of waste was diverted.

It is likely that the centre and in particular the training courses will require additional materials and NLRCo will continue to utilise the Recipro resource.

?Thanks to Recipro we were able to purchase a large number of kitchen units and brick for a fraction of their true cost. Also we?d like to say a mas­sive thank you to Travis Perkins and Benchmarx for using the Recipro initia­tive to help community projects rather than sending materials to landfill. The bricks and units will assist in the ed­ucation of our college students, who range between16-24 which will give them a much greater chance of gain­ing apprentiships within the construc­tion industry and ultimately a brighter future. We hope to be working with Re­cipro more and more in the future and would certainly recommend the use of the service to any construction col­lege, community project or charity!?

Nicola Kelly, Chairman, NRLCo

* based upon cost of same or similar new material, as­suming no trade discount

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