Community Centre Saves Money on Brand New Materials & Reduces Carbon Emissions

posted 13.03.2014
One of the best things about working for Recipro is the good we can do within the local community for third sector and community projects.

Earlier this year we were contacted by one of our users called Amit, he helps run his local community centre in the Leicester area.  He informed us they had a small budget to carry out the repairs and maintenance needed to get the place up to a decent standard after years of it being left to ruin.

One of the biggest problems they had was mismatched and damaged ceiling tiles as well as a faded and word paint throughout the interior.

Using Recipro to source materials they were able to save:

  • Over £300 sourcing brand new materials from Recipro instead of other retail stores

  • More than half a tonne of surplus material were diverted from waste streams

  • Over 1.5 tonnes of carbon emission was avoided through the redistribution of the materials

Amit was kind enough to provide us with a quote on his experience using the Recipro service to source low cost building materials, he said:

?Thanks to using the Recipro service we were able to source top quality materials at a fraction of their true worth. The service was easy to use and very reliable. I will certainly be using Recipro to source more materials in the future and recommend it to anyone in need of quality materials at an affordable price".


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