Celebrating Social Enterprise Day

posted 21.11.2013

 Today is Social Enterprise Day, a day set up to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the social enterprise sector around the world.

The Social Enterprise movement started over two decades ago but has emerged and grown into a significant contributor to the British economy. There are now over 68,000 social enterprises in Britain including some household names such as The Cooperative Group, Jamie Oliver?s restaurant chain Fifteen, The Big Issue Magazine and Divine Chocolate.

Social Enterprises contribute £24bn to the British economy and on average turned over £240,000 in 2012 up from 175k a year in 2009.

The sector is still growing at a spectacular rate with 15% of all social enterprises in Britain starting up in the last two years.

To celebrate the day, Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) have been out and about spreading the message of social enterprise. If you have visited any events or would like to tell us about your own social enterprise success we would love to hear from you.

Happy Social Enterprise Day!

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