Cavity Wall Insualtions down 97%

posted 31.05.2013

Since the Government?s flagship energy efficiency scheme, the Green Deal, was launched there has been a decrease of 97% in the number of homes installing cavity wall insulation.

In previous schemes cavity wall insulation was one of the cheapest ways of reducing your energy and climate-warming carbon emission ? with it heavily subsidised or in some cases free. Under the new Green Deal, which has  given itself the target of making 14m homes more energy efficient, households now need to take a loan out in order to add cavity wall insulation.

According to figures by Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency, which monitors the issue of installation and guarantees, shows that in April of this year there were 1,138 installations a huge decrease from April 2012 when there was 49,650, a drop of 97%. This has vastly surpassed the Government?s own impact assessment from January 2012 which predicted a 67% drop.

Andrew Warren, Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, said the crash showed a "desperate need for financial stimuli for the green deal".

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said: "The green deal is an ambitious, long-term programme designed to deliver home improvement in Great Britain on an unprecedented scale." He noted that a cashback scheme currently offers £250 for cavity wall insulation, although this will not cover the total cost. "Additional help for this type of work may also be available for people in hard to treat properties, and those on benefits or low income," he added.

More than 18,000 green deal assessments have taken place, covering 45 energy-saving measures; however the number of deals actually carried out by households has not yet been released.

Luciana Berger, the Shadow Minister for Climate Change, said: "This staggering collapse in the number of energy-efficiency installations is a disaster for our economy and a body blow for hundreds of small businesses across the country. This is all the more damaging when there are at least 5.8m homes in the UK that still need cavity wall insulation, according to the government's own estimates."

The government's impact assessment also predicted a drop of 93% in loft insulations, the most cost effective energy-efficiency measure of all.

We?d love to hear what you think of the Green deal, whether you?re an installer or a customer we want to know what experiences you?ve had good or bad!

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