Surplus Building Materials Helping Community Groups

posted 30.03.2012

[caption id="attachment_3967" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Community Project Wallasey Gymnastics Club"][/caption] At Recipro we are dedicated to moving surplus building materials away from the waste stream to create a green building industry.  As well as our online website for anyone to use to pass on their leftover building supplies, we offer corporate services for large construction...

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Recipro's reused warehouse

posted 27.06.2011

  Recipro?s parent company, The Trustland Group were involved in a project for a local client who was relocating their business. The project involved the com­plete strip out and refits of their existing office, as well as the total clearance of their storage and warehouse areas. Trustland explained the recipro concept to the client; they explained that using recipro and allowing the reuse of t...

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Recipro's reused office

posted 23.06.2011

Recipro thought that it may be of interest to you to know the reuse behind the office we work in. Our parent company, The Trustland Group required a new, 18 m² office to be con­structed on a mezzanine floor, to accommodate a growth in staff numbers. Half glazed office partitioning was deconstructed from a client project and installed around the outer edge of the mezzanine. This was a total o...

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Recipro find their next holiday destination in Spanish eco lodge

posted 29.04.2010

When planning your holiday this year why not consider an eco-lodge?  They are less harmful to the environment than most holiday homes and they are beautiful in their simplicity.  After writing a blog on the Pembrokeshire eco village I was interested to look at other buildings and projects catering for environmentally aware people.  During my search I came across news of a set of eco lodges whic...

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Recipro look at the EcoVillage in Pembrokeshire

posted 28.04.2010

I’m sure that many of the Eco-Warriors out there have been following news of the eco-villages popping up in the world.  I for one find it fascinating to watch how plans become reality when it comes to sustainable living.  It is important to recognise the environmental issues and problems caused by existing dwellings and try to overcome these in eco-friendly ways.  However it is also important...

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