Plan A: Six Years On

posted 21.06.2013

[caption id="attachment_5175" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="M&S Eco Store at Cheshire Oaks"][/caption] According to a recent progress report, Marks and Spencer?s highly acclaimed plan A strategy is not only paying dividends in their fight to create a more sustainable organisation but is also having a positive impact on their bottom line. According to the retailer, Plan A initiatives...

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Allotments Save Pounds and Carbon with Recipro

posted 19.06.2013

[caption id="attachment_5170" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Recipro provide all sorts of materials for allotments and community gardens"][/caption] The below case studies demonstrate how local community garden and allotment projects have benefitted through using surplus building materials from their local ReciproCity Centre. Newton Park Allotments: *Estimated Savings: £1190 *1088kg ma...

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Community Project saves over a tonne of carbon by using Recipro

posted 01.11.2012

At Recipro we?re committed to helping the UK construction industry and community projects by diverting surplus building materials away from landfill and into worthwhile projects! This blog looks at yet another community project that have benefited from purchasing cheap building materials from Recipro. [caption id="attachment_4550" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Up-cycled music wor...

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Recipro Community Testimonials

posted 21.09.2012

Recipro is dedicated to the redistribution of surplus building materials into community projects. Last month alone we saved charity and community projects a total of £10k! Below is a video testimonial from some of the projects we've helped so far. If you know of any community project who could benefit from using the Recipro service please email - [embed]http://www.yo...

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Construction materials diverted into community project

posted 10.04.2012

  At Recipro we?re determined to keep helping community projects by diverting surplus building materials away from landfill! We have a free to use website which everyone can use but we also offer a range of corporate services for large contractors and merchants who wish to help the community they work in, whilst lowering their own skip costs. This blog looks at yet another community project tha...

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