Cameron hints at carrier bag charges for England

posted 09.09.2013

As you may recall from the Recipro blog we reported the successes witnessed in Wales through the introduction of the carrier bag tax. Now it seems that these same successes have not gone unnoticed by Prime Minister Davis Cameron who has dropped his largest hint yet that England may follow suit.

During a recent visit to a school in Teddington the Prime Minister stated that he had been involved in discussions regarding the best way to introduce and implement charges for plastic carrier bags. In the process he cited the successes that Wales has seen following the implementation of the carrier bag levy in October 2011. This scheme as reported here in July has witnessed a reduction of 76% in its first full year. This is compared to rises during the same time period in England.

Whilst some will argue that the environmental impact of the plastic carrier bag has been reduced over the last 20 years with the reduction of plastic used through to be approximately 70% they still remain a significant component of household waste. Furthermore they are seen as a symbol of the throwaway culture.

Wales lead has since been followed by Northern Ireland who has introduced a minimum charge of 5 pence per bag, proceeds of which are then used by the Department of the Environment (DOE). Scotland is set to introduce a similar scheme which will also see the introduction of a 5 pence charge by October 2014.

The Prime Ministers comments represent the strongest hint yet that England will be following the examples set elsewhere in the British Isles and introduce a levy on carrier bags.

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