Attitudes Towards Saving Water

posted 24.11.2009

Here in the office we're always looking at ways to help small businesses cut Construction Costs. It's also our aim to make our readers aware of their potential clients attitudes to current topics related to environmental issues. This survey that recipro has found, measures respondents'  attitudes towards using water. All respondents were presented with two statements and asked to indicate how muc...

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Buildability Stage 5

posted 13.11.2009

The fifth and final stage of the Buildability Process is all to do with what happens at the end of a buildings life cycle.  Many buildings are demolished, whereas we believe that, wherever possible, disassembly and reuse whould be encouraged and employed.  The following points should be looked at when arriving at this stage: Use the reverse of the installation process to minimize damage Allow ...

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Maintenance and Facilities Management

posted 09.11.2009

The fourth stage of the Buildability cycle is the management and maintenance of facilities and buildings.  Through managing each stage of the process, care can be taken to ensure that a complete construction project is as sustainable as possible, with as little adverse effect on the environment as is possible.  The following stages should be considered after a building project has finished, duri...

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Buildability Phase 3 - Sustainable Construction

posted 06.11.2009

The third phase of the Buildability cycle is construction.  The following points should be considered at the construction stage to improve the environmental impact of the build. Assembly techniques should be compatible with standard not specialist techniques Plan for simplicity of assembly and logical trade sequences Achievable tolerances Energy efficiency and pollution control on site - generat...

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Reasons for not insulating the home

posted 28.10.2009

More on the frankly remarkable results from 'home energy use' Builders and Contractors take note. There is an opportunity here! All respondents who had not installed cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation or loft insulation (but were able to do so) were asked to say what the main reasons were for not doing so. Those who said they had not heard of that type of insulation and those who said ...

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