Bulky waste re-use potential is significant

posted 20.08.2012

Here at Recipro we are well aware of the benefits and potential for re-use in the United Kingdom and it is with interest that we learned of the recent findings from a report looking into the potential for Bulky waste re-use.

The report titled ?Composition and re-usability of bulky waste in the UK? tackled the notion that bulky materials collected from the kerbside or delivered to household waste and recycling centres (HWRC?s) was not fit to be reused elsewhere. The report has been researched and compiled the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

This report identified a significant potential for re-use of bulky items with an estimated 32% of bulky items taken to HWRC?s reusable without any further reprocessing and a further 10% of items reusable with only minimal repairs. For those items collected from the kerbside theses figures are slightly greater with an estimated 34% readily reusable in current condition and 16% reusable following some minimal repairs.

In total over half of all bulky waste has the potential to be reused either in its current condition or with only slight repairs.

This information relates to an estimated 1.6m tonnes (2010/2011) of bulky waste made up most commonly of televisions, wardrobes, carpets, sofas, mattresses and beds.

Recipro sourced this article from edie.net

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