Buildability - Manage the Lifecycle of your Building

posted 26.10.2009
At Interbuild 2009, recipro worked in collaboration with CCI, Envirolink and other prestigious organisations to develop a series of boards highlighting the different phases of Buildability.

Stage 1: Design and Specification
  • Optimise standard construction material sizes

  • Use maximum repetition and standardization for a minimum number of components

  • Robust, suitable and easily sourceable materials

  • Offsite produced modules or prefabricated  subassembly content

  • Aim for highest BREEAM or other accredited standard for energy efficient buildings

  • Smart technologies for energy management

  • High spec equipment throughout

  • Allow for uncomplicated construction and relative ease of  assembly

  • Factor in ease of  disassembly and reuse possibilities at end of life

  • Design with large open spaces, easily subdividable to facilitate change of use

  • Design with community in mind-links to public transport

  • Ensure developed area becomes cleaner and safer

    Look out for our next post on phase two of the Buildability process - Procurement


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