Britain’s Oldest Building Company

posted 29.01.2014
Britain’s oldest building company will take a look back at its 423-year history in a TV special tonight.

R Durtnell & Sons was formed in 1591 and in that time the business has been passed down from father-to-son for 13 generations which is quite an achievement.

At a time when the industry has had its fair share of negative attention this is just the kind of story that needs to be highlighted. Tune in tonight on BBC 4 at 9pm as the show follows current Chief Executive, Alex Durtnell as he finds out about the company’s past and the development of the UK construction industry.

At Recipro we are very proud of the reputation and ethos of our parent company, The Trustland Group. They have been operating in the UK construction industry for over 40 years; with the company originally being formed in 1972 by Les Owens Senior. After more than 3 decades of growing and expanding the company, Les Owens (Snr) passed the company on to his son Les Owens (JR) in 2005. Now we may be a long way off 13 generations but you have to start somewhere, a huge congratulations to R Durtnell & Sons long may it continue!

Recipro sourced this article from Construction Enquirer.

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