BREEAM launch refurbishment scheme

posted 12.06.2012

Today BREEAM launches its new scheme for the refurbishment of domestic buildings. The scheme is intended to work alongside the Government?s green deal to bring the largest return.

The assessment method is suitable for use on projects from home improvements, such as replacing windows and fitting new insulation, to developments, whether multiple to single dwellings.

The process has gone through rigorous trials and has been piloted on approximately 200 homes. It has also been developed to align with the government?s green deal, the incentive scheme for energy efficiency improvements.

Carol Atkinson, chief executive of BRE Global, said: ?The new scheme helps building owners and occupiers to save operating costs and reduce the environmental impact of refurbishments. It pinpoints those elements of the refurbishment that will bring the greatest returns and provides a methodology, software tool and certification for those responsible for the delivery of sustainable domestic refurbishment projects. As well as addressing overall sustainability issues, the scheme can help specific initiatives to tackle fuel poverty, reduce flooding and security risks, and enhance the health and wellbeing of tenants and householders.?

The manual explaining the scheme is now available on the BREEAM website as well as case studies from the pilot projects. Anyone wanting to qualify as a BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment assessor can attend a training course, all information is available on the BREEAM website.

Recipro sourced this article from Building 4 Change.

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