Blacklisting Saga Continues

posted 22.11.2013

Blacklisting has once again dominated the news in the construction industry this week, firstly protests were held this week leading to one protester being hospitalised. It has also emerged that 1200 blacklisted individuals could be in line for compensation.

Scuffles broke out at a demonstration at a construction project in Leeds the week, campaigning against the process of blacklisting, the process where a list of ?undesirables? was created and distributed effectively illegally preventing individuals from working in the construction industry. The scuffle broke out between protesters and security guards protesters allegedly tried to access the building site. One protester was hospitalised during the scuffles.

Another development in the blacklisting scandal will see 1200 of the 3200 names on the database receive a letter notifying them of their presence on the list. The Information Commissioner?s Office (ICO) who investigated the database has already contacted 103 people earlier this year. The ICO have stated that most people whom they contact will have no idea that their names were on the list.

It emerged that those that could be tracked down could be in line for compensation of anywhere up to £100,000.

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