Attitudes Towards Saving Water

posted 24.11.2009
Here in the office we're always looking at ways to help small businesses cut Construction Costs. It's also our aim to make our readers aware of their potential clients attitudes to current topics related to environmental issues. This survey that recipro has found, measures respondents'  attitudes towards using water. All respondents were presented with two statements and asked to indicate how much they agreed or disagreed with each, using a five-point scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Responses are summarised in Figure 7.

Water Useage

The majority (87%) of respondents agreed (either strongly agreed or tended to agree) that we should all try and save water. Only a small minority 3% disagreed with this viewpoint. Around one quarter (24%) of respondents agreed that they did not 'pay much attention to the amount of water I use at home' in comparison to a third (33%) of respondents who agreed with this statement in the 2007 Defra survey. Two-thirds (66%) disagreed with this statement in 2009 in comparison to half (53%) who disagreed in 2007. Opinion therefore had changed substantially since the time of the 2007 survey.
Attitudes towards saving water were linked to presence of a water meter in the home. Respondents who had a water meter in their home were less likely to agree that 'I don't pay much attention to the amount of water I use at home' than those who did not have a meter (17% compared with 28%), and were more likely to agree that 'we should all try and save water regardless of whether it rains or is sunny' (91% compared with 86%).

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