Allegations made over construction conditions in Qatar

posted 27.09.2013

Despite being nearly 9 years away the Qatar 2022 World Cup has again been in the news. The controversial choice of host for the tournament has been criticised following a report by the Guardian looking into working conditions on construction schemes in the country.

The investigation has alleged that migrant workers predominantly from Nepal have faced some appalling and unacceptable working conditions on construction projects. The claims include the death of at least 44 workers, non payment as well as no free drinking water access on sites as just some of the examples of failing worker conditions. It also alleged that there is evidence of forced labour, including on a World Cup infrastructure project.

Despite the claims Qatar officials have stated that take the working conditions very seriously on all projects and ensure all workers are treated to wellbeing, safety, security, and dignity. The organising body has instructed that the Qatar Government will also be looking into these allegations.

The location of the 2022 World Cup had already created some concerns over player safety with the games potentially being staged in extreme summer temperatures and there has been talk of moving the competition to the winter months. However, practical issues of this move could still potentially hinder any such rescheduling.

Recipro sourced this article from the BBC


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