A Burning Issue

posted 07.04.2010

Today something entirely different and I’m afraid not really Recipro related. I saw a rather disturbing report in The Guardian regarding how to reduce my carbon footprint once dead! Should I really be concerned how much carbon is expended whilst they dispose of my body?

It transpires that cremation creates a large carbon footprint, whilst burial is equally damaging to the environment and is also too space consuming. Again I am still not sure that this is something that will concern many including myself, after all the carbon footprint of the dead is always going to be less than even the most eco minded living person.

However, one man has devoted his life to providing a low carbon solution to death. Scottish biochemist Sandy Sullivan has undertaken research in order to provide a solution which achieves what cremation can without the high carbon and mercury emissions, it is called Resomation.

He has developed a pressurised chamber which accelerates body decomposition as it would be in nature, the body is placed in the chamber with an alkaline solution which when heated will leave human remains as white ash within 3 hours. He claims that the method reduces the carbon footprint by four times that of cremation and even more disturbingly suggests that medical parts such as false hips will be left in pristine reusable condition. I think I will leave going to the doctors about that sore hip now.

Surely this is a step too far on ethical living....or dying as it is? I think I will leave it down to friends and family to decide my fate once dead, whether they choose burial, cremation or resomation is fine by me.

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