CIOB and Recipro

posted 21.02.2018

“The industry produces 109m tonnes of construction waste each year and our members want to reduce the impact of that on the environment. Our partnership with Recipro will introduce our members to new ways of recycling and resource sharing, moving the industry towards a more sustainable way of working and generating cost savings.”
Chris Blythe OBE, Chief Executive of CIOB

Recipro offers a range of services, helping every level within the construction industry reduce waste and costs, through community reuse of surplus supplies.


Achieve cost savings and reduce your company’s waste with our Resource Sharing Tool;  a quick, simple to use web tool enabling site-to-site sharing of surplus resources within an organisation.

With this tool project managers or site managers can:

* Post details of unwanted resources to your company page

* Search for and request required resources from colleagues

* Save money on buying new and disposing of old

What do people share?

Bricks & block | Insulation | Timber | Finishes | Plant and equipment | PPE | Site signage | Site furniture

In fact, pretty much anything your organisation uses could be shared!

For more information, and to receive your CIOB discount, contact – don’t forget to mention you are a CIOB member!

CIOB members receive a massive 20% discount on annual fees, which start at just £200 a year plus VAT (incuding discount) just contact us to discuss your requirements!

Free to use website is a free to use online exchange for members to swap, share or sell their unwanted materials.  It is quick, simple and best of all free!  Members post details of their leftover materials, along with location, photograph and price. There is no charge and no commission for using the website, it keeps materials out of the skip and ultimately the waste stream.


ReciproCities are reuse hubs, which accept donations of supplies from contractors and suppliers.  These materials are sold on at a fraction of their orginial cost to people who need them - charities, community groups, families in need...We currently operate two centres - in Merseyside and Swansea.

Contact us to find out more.