About Us

Recipro is a network designed to move surplus construction materials into projects which require them.

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The construction industry in the UK uses approximately 420 million tonnes of materials and products per annum and generates 120 million tonnes of waste. It is estimated that 13% of construction products that arrive on a building site end in a skip as waste product without ever being used, with a market value of approximately £1.5 billion each year.

Recipro was launched in 2008 as a free to use service for the construction industry to pass on these surplus and re-usable materials. Benefits include:

  • Cost savings – less material sent to landfill
  • Cost savings – most items on recipro are passed on for free or at low cost
  • Environmental benefits – less waste sent to landfill or for recycling (the ideal waste hierarchy shows us that re-use is less energy and resource intensive)

Anyone can join, just register and add details of any surplus, or browse the available listings.

For larger projects and companies, Recipro is currently piloting a brand new service in North West England and South Wales. For more information, please email projects@recipro-UK.com or call 0844 225 3000 and ask to speak to someone about the Managed Service. You can also view our Managed Service brochure below: