Cableduct 700 Series Floor Box - SBOX-732-STST

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Cableduct 700 Series Floor Box - SBOX-732-STST


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  1. Qty: 21
  2. Price: £20.00
  3. Width: 330mm
  4. Location: London W13 0JA

I have 21 of these unused Cableduct 700 Series Floor Boxes for tiled flooring, that normally can only be purchased directly from the supplier. They were ordered by a client but later omitted from the scope of works of the project. Despite being new and unused, they would not refund them so my company has gifted me these to sell personally as we have no room to store. They were purchased for ~£40ea. I am selling for £20ea. I will deliver to most locations in the West London area (please enquire). All other areas, collection only. Frame size 320x250mm Base box size 330x260mm Base with 20 &25mm conduit knockouts in base and sides. Please see specification document and picture for more information.

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