Why won't my photo upload?
Images must be in either 'gif', 'jpeg' or 'png' format and must be no larger than 2MB. If you still can't upload, contact the system administrator.


Why don’t any items appear in my search?
It is possible that there are currently no items for sale for your specific search. We suggest returning to the site in a short period of time, or widening your search area.

Do you arrange delivery? 
No, we act simply to put two parties in touch with each other. Delivery or collection arrangements must be made direct with the seller.

What if my goods are faulty?
As per our terms and conditions, the condition of the goods is the responsibility of the two parties involved. We would recommend checking products before taking possession, and from a seller point of view we would recommend having buyers sign a liability document before passing on products. Download the Liability Template in the Resources section and adjust if necessary.

Will it cost me to use recipro?
No! Recipro is completely free to use, whether you are adding items to the site, searching for materials or reading our resources. Some items added to the site may have a cost, but 100% of this price goes to the seller.


What details do I need to give to register?
You will need to provide your company name and contact details. These details are used to allow you to communicate with people interested in your listed items and vice-versa. They will not be used for any other purpose or passed onto any third parties.

How to use

Recipro is quick and easy to use to pass on and source surplus materials.


What is Recipro?

It’s quick and simple to find and pass on surplus building materials with Recipro!

Recipro is a free to use website helping you to save money by sharing surplus building materials between our members.  Find out below how to find cheap building supplies, and pass on your surplus to others.

You can also use Recipro to pass on and find decorating supplies, office furniture and lots more!

Finding Cheap Building Materials

Know what you need?  Simply type your request into the white search box at the top of the page and see what comes up!  You can then filter your search results using the buttons on the left.  Just click on the item for more information and pictures.
Find something you like?  Click ‘contact vendor’ to send a message enquiring about your item.  Make sure you have registered and logged in.
You can also add items to your favourites list by clicking ‘Add to favourites’ on the item page.  Your favourites can be viewed my clicking ‘My favourites’ at the top of every page (in the green banner) or on your account page.
Couldn’t find what you need?  Never fear, you can register a wish list, and we’ll let you know when materials matching your requests are posted online.  To set up and edit your wish lists go to ‘My account’ and then select ‘Wish lists’.  You can then enter a list of your requirements and we’ll email you as soon as anything comes available on that list.

Passing on Surplus Building Materials

So, you’ve finished your job and you have stuff left over.  Save on expensive skip costs by passing those materials on!  To add an item to Recipro, you first need to be registered or logged in (links).  Once you’re logged in, simply click ‘Pass on’ on the top menu, fill in the details of your available building materials and then click ‘Add item’. 
You can edit, update or delist your posting whenever you need by selecting ‘My items’ in ‘my account’. 
People who are interested in your items will contact you via the website, you will get a message on your account page, and also be emailed straight to your inbox!

What can be reused?

Recipro can be used to pass on and find all kinds of surplus building materials, as well as furniture and other useful items!  As a rule, hazardous or damaged items are not permitted and will be removed.  We would advise that electrical items are not posted for safety reasons.

Materials must be:

  • Clean and uncontaminated
  • Fit for use as originally intended
  • Not damaged
  • Not hazardous (paints, mastics and silicones etc. Paint can be accepted if unopened and sealed, lighting and electrical goods can only be accepted when brand new and unused and still in the original packaging)

Materials which cannot be reused through Recipro are:

  • Second hand electrical items
  • Asbestos
  • Soil and derivatives
  • Demolition materials such as crushed / processed aggregates other than those materials salvaged as part of a pre demolition survey / salvage operation

Community Project

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Community Project

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