Wirral MP Ben Chapman Visits Recipro

posted 22.12.2009
MD Les Owens and Ben Chapman

Wirral South MP Ben Chapman has been to visit local environmental business, Recipro.  He met with Directors Les Owens and John Carroll.

Recipro is a free to use website aimed at the construction industry.  The website allows users to upload details of surplus, unused construction materials to the website where other users can view and enquire about materials for their projects.

The website is free for anyone to use, including builders, schools, charities and home owners looking to carry out their own construction projects.

By encouraging reuse over disposal, Recipro allows companies and individuals to lower their carbon footprint, reduce the waste being sent to landfill and lower their waste disposal costs.

Through a new partnership with Salford University and The Centre for Construction Excellence, Recipro will be launching a web-based carbon calculator in the new year, where members can measure the reductions in their carbon emissions through use of the website.

Managing Director, Les Owens said ‘We are proud of our local heritage, our company was set up in 1972 by my Father, and we are actively involved in our local community.  We are members of the Wirral Investment network, of which Mr Chapman is an Honorary President.  We are really honoured that Mr Chapman took the time out to visit us and learn more about how we are working with the local community and helping the construction industry lessen its impact on the environment’.

Ben Chapman added: "Recipro is an innovative solution to a continuing problem; that of unnecessary waste being sent to landfill. The functionality of the website is very impressive; the company is taking advantage of the Web 2.0 revolution and operates in an effective, practical and sustainable way.

"Furthermore, it could not be more relevant to our current climate. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of the service, there are also the economic and social benefits to low income families, third sector organisations and businesses, who are able to aquire building materials at a low cost or for free".

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