Volunteers Urgently Needed

posted 13.06.2013


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At Recipro we are committed to lowering the amount of surplus materials entering waste streams and instead putting them to good use to help out the local community. Thanks to our work many projects have been able to gather resource that their limited funding wouldn?t have been able to acquire. The only thing Recipro can?t provide is the work force to help the projects, so we?re calling for help from our users!

AAbacus is a charity that works with young people who are unemployed and with special learning needs. Through educational achievement they help each pupil to reach their full potential and take pride in their own progress. They are based in Croydon and are in urgent need of volunteers to help make the front of their college more presentable for the ofsted inspection in July.

If you live in the area of London, Croydon and can spare any time to help with brightening up the front of the building it?d be much appreciated, anyone with experience in the construction industry would also be very useful as some of the jobs may require trades experience such as:

  • Plastering of walls before painting

  • Plastering of Window sills before painting

  • Painting the front of the building

  • Generally tidying up the front bricked footpath to look nice and clean

Whether you have experience in the construction industry or not, all help is greatly appreciated and will go along way to helping out many children who don?t have the same learning opportunities as you and I!

If you would like to help out this worthwhile cause please get in contact with Carron Russell on carron@aabacusgroup.com or telephone No. 0203 667 2696 or 0208 240 1148.

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