BuilderScrap Shortlisted for Prestigious Award!

posted 24.07.2009

We have received some great news here at recipro - we have been shortlisted for a prestigious Edie Award for Environmental Excellence! Recipro has been shortlisted in the category of Sustainable Construction, and the awards will be announced and presented in November 2009. Recipro is an online builders exchange for surplus building supplies.  The website is completely free to use, and aims t...

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Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction Part 8

posted 07.07.2009

Here at the recipro offices we're still getting excited about the sustainable construction draft that we've been reading during the past month. Just to give the readers a quick overview of what we've been discussing; This report analyses responses to the consultation on the draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction. The aim of the consultation was to gather views on the draft Strategy. 149 res...

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Recycling: Its Impact on You

posted 27.05.2009

Just a quick snippet of an article from 20 years ago.  The full article details the social responsibility of builders, architects and the clients living/working in the buildings and the possible legislative future. Remember this was written in 1989. We've put these recommendations into practice.... haven't we? 'Rubbish collection and disposal have never been more than a minor engineering or aes...

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Help for Small building contactors Part 2 Cheap Labour.

posted 18.05.2009

Part 2 of the recipro help for small business contractors concentrates on the idea of Cheap Labour. Correcting your markup math won’t help you if you don’t know what your gross profit should be in the first place. The biggest errors occur when figuring overhead for labour. Contractors hiring employees for the first time often forget to add employment taxes to the base wage they use in estimat...

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Extracts on Climate Change, Building Regulations and Sustainability

posted 29.04.2009

The recipro team have been looking at more articles on Sustainability and climate change.  This extract discusses Government legislation and the devolution from central government to local government in strategic planning and therefore prosecution.  We find this very important as we believe in the accountability of local government and authorities to take responsibility and encourage sustainabl...

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