Sustainability Versus the Credit Crunch Part 4

posted 22.06.2009
The final installment of the excellent Sustainability versus the Credit Crunch artcile written by the National Federation of Builders, follows here.  We at recipro found this article to be extremely interesting and hope that you have too.  Why not let us know what you think?

The three pillars of sustainability are environmental, social and economic.  The only pillar not yet dealt with is economic – how can you position your business to whether the down turn and be competitive once the storm has past?  Membership of a Trade Federation makes even more sense during hard times than it does in good.  It is never more important to use the opportunities that membership presents to you to share and benefit from the collective experience, whether it is taking advantage of the advice available at no additional cost; training services for management and personal development training, or the ability to procure sensibly at discounted rates leveraging the buying power of a large group.  Membership also allows you to influence the direction of lobbying work, ensuring your voice is heard on key issues such as fair payments, public sector procurement and VAT.   Complimentary services that will help you keep your business running, such as access to additional finance, are also available through Business Link.
Competition for work is fierce and the economic outlook is uncertain.  However, there are ways of steering a sustainable path through the uncertainty.

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