Recycling Around the World... United States

posted 26.08.2009

Todays recipro posts continues our look at how other countries deal with waste and recycling. We are looking at the UNITED STATES: with a BBC report from Matthew Davis Efforts to improve recycling rates and to reduce household and commercial waste are led by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Today, the US recycles about 28% of its waste, the EPA says, a rate that has almost doubled...

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Recycling Around the World

posted 25.08.2009

Recipro is looking into the Recycling effort around the world We know the UK government is trying to encourage more people to recycle their waste and reduce the UK's waste mountain. Figures suggested in 2005 that 60% of all household waste could be recycled or composted, but the largest nation in the UK, England, appears to be reusing only 17.7%. We've found some articles from BBC correspondent...

Category: environment, in the news, recycling



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