Recycling: Its Impact on You

posted 27.05.2009
Just a quick snippet of an article from 20 years ago.  The full article details the social responsibility of builders, architects and the clients living/working in the buildings and the possible legislative future.

Remember this was written in 1989. We've put these recommendations into practice.... haven't we?

'Rubbish collection and disposal have never been more than a minor engineering or aesthetic issue for builders. But the nation's solid waste crisis and the resulting push for recycling has elevated the subject to a new status, raising questions about the designs and materials you use.

Legislative actions being considered now may affect your project planned for next year, and could result in extra expense or other unexpected hurdles, unless accommodated for. Foresightful developers will have to design buildings that are "recyclingfriendly," and builders who aren't already using recycled materials, will have to consider it'

By Jeffrey H. Mills (1989)
Recycling and the law.

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