UK SMEs Becoming Sustainable to Attract New Business

posted 04.01.2013

According to new research the main reason for UK SMEs introducing new sustainable practices within their company is the new work and opportunities it brings. The research was carried out by Lloyds TSB commercial. The research discovered that 70% of SMEs are starting to incorporate some form of sustainability practices to secure new business, while a further 54% are becoming sustainable in order t...

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Paul Morrell admits Ministers ignore reports from Construction professionals

posted 03.01.2013

Paul Morrell, the former Chief Construction Adviser has confirmed that ministers generally ignore reports and wish lists submitted by professionals within the UK construction industry. In an article in Management Today, Morrell said: ?Before the 2010 election, I received 19 manifestos from different quarters of this sector, setting out their wish list for a new government. To the best of my k...

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Wirral Council release £330K Community Fund

posted 05.12.2012

Neighbourhood Forums in the Wirral have welcomed news that Wirral Council have decided to released a £330,000 fund for community projects within the area. The fund will be given to help out community projects across 11 Neighbourhood Forums across the borough Councillor Phil Davies, Leader of Wirral Council, said: ?Due to the Coalition Government?s budget cuts, we had to take the extremely dif...

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Wolseley UK to reduce energy consumption by 30%

posted 29.11.2012

Building materials supplier group Wolseley UK is aiming to decrease carbon emissions from energy consumption by 30% in the next three years. The new target is part of its new environmental policy for sustainable development. To achieve the new target the organisation will carefully monitor and manage environmental performance at all levels with focus on the areas of energy and waste. Other te...

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Over 10% of UK Workforce Currently Underemployed

posted 28.11.2012

Over 10% of the UK workforce is currently underemployed, according to a study from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The ONS said that of the 29.41 million people currently employed in the UK, there are 3,050,000 workers stating that they want to work more hours each week. The amount of people who are underemployed has increased by 980,000 people in the last 4 years since the recession....

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