Recipe for Waste Reduction

posted 05.09.2013

As part of Zero Waste week we are exploring the problem of food wastage, following on from us highlighting the problem of food waste we now look at solutions which have gone towards tackling food waste, first up it?s the turn of the restaurants. It is estimated that restaurants produce around 600,000 tonnes of food waste every year and it could be costing individual restaurants up to £200,000 ...

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Food for Thought…

posted 04.09.2013

One of the primary focuses of this years Zero Waste Week is food waste, so here at Recipro we thought we would bring you some very interesting food waste facts to chew over. UK The average household disposes of approximately £480 worth of food each year UK households dispose of a huge 7.2 million tonnes of food every year That?s 50% of all food waste in the UK More than half of food  and d...

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The Versatility of the Shipping Container!

posted 16.08.2013

This year?s BBC Apprentice showcased the shipping container pop up mall in Shoreditch, which got us here at Recipro thinking what else is achievable with shipping containers, aside from a retail experience with a difference. A quick look through the search engines sheds some light on some great examples where old shipping containers have become wonderful and versatile structures. We even found out...

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The battle against single-use carrier bags

posted 26.07.2013

In the second of our consumer activity series we look at the UK?s battle with the single-use carrier bag. The single use carrier bag has been exposed to a great deal of bad press, we use over 8 billion of them every year, they require millions of barrels of oil to produce, they litter, they don?t degrade and they are distributed for free, well at least in most places. Whilst there is still ongoin...

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The Material Formerly Known as Waste

posted 18.07.2013

[caption id="attachment_5315" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Waste or Resource?"][/caption] I read a great new phrase today describing discarded goods - "the material formerly known as waste" and it got me thinking about how the waste landscape is changing and evolving and how key the terminology of these changes may prove to be. Whilst a pleasant phrase that brought a smile to my face, ...

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