US needs to lead the way

posted 22.02.2010

Last week, I took a quick look at the Copenhagen Summit and briefly discussed its failings; today I wanted to find out a little more about the US commitments to carbon, partly as research, but also to highlight the importance of the US developing an ambitious carbon reduction policy. In the run up to the Copenhagen conference, President Obama declared that the US targets would be a reduction of ...

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Copenhagen - Don't Blame it on the Weather

posted 15.02.2010

The first blog post by our newest member of the Recipro team - Michael Close.  Mike has been with us for two weeks now, and his first blog post looks at the Copenhagen Summit in December. I am sure it will not have escaped most people’s attention that the Copenhagen summit recently came and went without any global agreement being reached. About 45,000 people descended on Copenhagen in Decemb...

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Green energy 'feed-in tariff' plan gets muted welcome

posted 02.02.2010

Here at we like to pass on information we hope that our readers will find useful. This post comes from the BBC News Website 1/01/2010. We're not sure if you're local Builders surplus stores have any Solar Panels going spare.... Plans to reward eco-friendly householders for the green energy that their solar panels produce have received a muted welcome. The clean energy cashback plan...

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New Club Helps Builders Prepare Solid foundations for 2010

posted 25.01.2010

Thanks to our colleagues over at BuilderBusiness for this article.  As the economy starts to show tentative signs of recovery, many involved in the industry will be wondering how they are going to get an edge over their competitors throughout 2010. Keeping a focus on the job in hand is quite rightly the number one priority however it doesn’t mean the other elements of running a successful bus...

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Frequency of recycling and reusing behaviours

posted 15.12.2009

Here at Recipro we're not all about Builders Supplies. This post looks at our recycling habits, so ditch those plastic bags! As well as asking about people's current behaviours and their willingness to act, the survey also covered how often people undertook these behaviours (ranging between always and never) as shown in Figure 9. As discussed in the previously, the vast majority (91%) of responde...

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