Recipro looks at changes in Scotland regarding waste

posted 25.05.2010

Rules that decide the legal definition of surplus building materials in Scotland have been altered. This means that plasterboard which complies with the right environmental policies is no longer considered waste. The technical definition of waste may seem to be insignificant legal footnote; regarding the topic of plasterboard this could mean huge turnover and environmental savings. It is well kn...

Category: environment, legislation

Builders and Contractors all shook up by New Scottish Sustainable Standards

posted 22.04.2010

Since new sustainable standards were released by the Scottish Government builders and contractors have been left panicking during what is already a critical time for the industry.  Homes for Scotland (an industry group) are worried that the new plans will increase the cost of building a house by £8,000 by adding a ‘carbon premium’.  If this is the case then house prices are sure to rise to ...

Category: environment, industry, legislation

Recipro looks at Ecocide

posted 14.04.2010

Hi i'm Paul , this is my first blog for Recipro. Hope you enjoy! Every day over 100 different species become extinct, 150,000 acres of tropical rain forests are destroyed, every single day there is a staggering 2 million tons of toxic waste disposed of in our rivers. On top of all that there is also 22 million tons of oil extracted from our lands and 100 million tons of green house gas released i...

Category: environment, in the news, legislation, Paul Jones

Construction Sector Gearing up for CRC

posted 06.04.2010

CRC or the Carbon Reduction Commitment is the latest government initiative to try to reduce the UK’s carbon consumption. The initiative requests that all companies using in excess of £500,000 of energy per year will need to register for the CRC. Those companies whom do not register will be hit with some fairly hefty fines. The CRC commitments are designed to reduce the amount of carbon dioxid...

Category: environment, in the news, industry, legislation, Mike Close

Bristol or Borneo? How are Biofuel planning applications decided?

posted 02.03.2010

Recipro would be interested to discuss your feelings on Bio-fuels. Specifically examining the  associated harm to the ecosystem and biodiversity. This is an extension on Mikes post from last week, but from a local point of view... in Avonmouth. BBC News,Dave Harvey,Tuesday, 23 February 2010 Councillors on the North Bristol Planning committee face a busy Wednesday. A new house is being built in...

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