Help for Small Business Contractors Part 5 No Marketing

posted 04.06.2009
Finishing the recipro series on helping small business contractors,  today we're discussing marketing.

One reason it’s so hard for some contractors to say no is that they have no plan for generating business except to take whatever comes along. In other words, they don’t market their services. For companies that started in the 00's, marketing may be a completely foreign concept. After all, the phones started ringing at the end of the 1991 recession, and, in most parts of the country, they only stopped ringing six months ago. Unless you actively do something to keep customers interested they will stop. Don’t take your reputation for granted. Even satisfied customers will forget about the wonderful job you did for them if you don’t keep in touch with them two or three times each year. It doesn’t take much — free maintenance check-ups in the spring and Autum, a card at the holidays, a phone call after a big storm to ask about damage — but you have to make the effort.  Some business happens by itself, but it’s not always the right kind of business.

If you know what kind of work is most profitable for you, market to prospects who are most likely to hire you to do it. Begin with past clients, then ask for referrals. It won’t hurt to spend a little money on a brochure and postage for a mailing, or a spot at the local home show, or sponsorship of a football team. Spending 2% to 3% of total revenues on marketing will pay for itself many times over in new and repeat business.

Sage advice yet again!

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