Help for Small Business Contractors Part 4 We Can’t Say No!

posted 03.06.2009
The fourth post in our series on helping small business contractorsrecipro makes a very quick but important point!

We understand that it's almost impossible it today's economic climate to turn down a contract. But sound accounting and estimating practices won’t save you if you’re taking on jobs that you shouldn’t be doing. Early on, it may make sense to take every job that comes along. But don’t be fooled into thinking that all projects are equally profitable and all customers worth working for. Nobody is good at everything. By comparing profit figures for different types of jobs — and then comparing job size — you’ll begin to see a pattern. Focus on the types of work and the project size that nets you the most profit. Remember, bigger isn’t always better — it’s the percentage you put in your pocket when it’s over that counts.

Focus on what you do well, encompass all the other aspects detailed in this series. Balance these factors to help with the decision making process.

Good Luck

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