Government launches new construction strategy

posted 31.05.2011

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The Government today has published a new Construction Strategy. The new strategy outlines reforms for the way in which government procures across all sectors with the aim of reducing costs by up to 20%.

This includes the publication of a rolling two year programme of work, updated each quarter to ensure that the construction industry has greater visibility of future workloads. The government believes this will enable the public sector to become a better client which is better informed and co-ordinated when it comes to its requirements being designed, specified and procured.

Francis Maude, Cabinet Office minister commented: ?These savings are not only significant but long overdue. The commitment to reduce the cost of construction by 20% is no small thing, but it will help the government and the construction industry. This strategy will stimulate growth by enabling more to be constructed within the funds available.

?I fully support the challenge that the government?s construction strategy sends out to the public sector and to the construction industry. The public sector needs to be a better, more informed and strategic client. The construction industry, in turn, will benefit from a more collaborative working relationship with the public sector, allowing for innovation, increased efficiency, and delivering better value for money.?

[caption id="attachment_3105" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The new strategy outlines reforms for the way in which government procures across all sectors with the aim of reducing costs by up to 20%."][/caption]

A new Government Construction Board will be established, chaired by the government?s chief construction adviser, Paul Morrell, to oversee the effective co-ordination and alignment of procurement across the government?s construction work programme.

Mr Morrell said: ?The Government Construction Board will help strengthen the public sector?s client power in the scoping, design, procurement and delivery of all construction projects. We will work with the government and the construction industry to enable more effective relationships between the two in order to enable growth and sustainability across the sectors.?

The announcement has also been met positively by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), whose director of external affairs Alasdair Reisner commented: ?For many years contractors have asked for greater clarity from government over its relationship with the industry. Government Construction Strategy is an important document as it attempts provide a clear steer on the future direction of policy in this area, particularly in relation to procurement.?

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