20% of Construction Workforce to Retire within a Decade

posted 12.08.2013

According to the Office of National Statistics 43% of the UK construction industry labour workforce is 45 years of age or older. The worrying statistics have led to the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) calling for more action to be done to start training up the next generation, encouraging companies to offer more training and apprenticeships to avoid a future shortfall of workers. Of ...

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A Tail of Two Cans

posted 07.08.2013

Visit www.communityrepaint.org.uk to find your nearest places to donate your paint and outlets where you can buy paint that is enjoying a second lease of life (sold at a fraction of the price, but as good as new!) This film was made for Community RePaint, sponsored by Dulux and produced by Flow Films, to celebrate 20 years of the Network's success....

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The battle against single-use carrier bags

posted 26.07.2013

In the second of our consumer activity series we look at the UK?s battle with the single-use carrier bag. The single use carrier bag has been exposed to a great deal of bad press, we use over 8 billion of them every year, they require millions of barrels of oil to produce, they litter, they don?t degrade and they are distributed for free, well at least in most places. Whilst there is still ongoin...

Category: environment, general, Mike Close

Can more packaging mean less waste?

posted 25.07.2013

This is the first in a new series of blogs which will explore the environmental implication consumer choice and discuss how we can ensure that our consumer choices are green. First up is that of packaging and in particular single portion packs and whether potential reductions in food waste are offset by increases in packaging. Packaging has two primary purposes, firstly to ensure that the product...

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Obama's climate change action plan could swing in favour of UK

posted 19.07.2013

United States of America President, Barack Obama recently spoke about how climate change action in the US could effect in the UK, putting much needed pressure on the Government to reinstate its ?greenest ever? commitments. Sustainability consultant Gareth Kane believes that these implications of Barack Obama?s climate change action plan could potentially act as a spur for the UK?s green economy wi...

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