Extracts on Climate Change, Building Regulations and Sustainability

posted 29.04.2009
The recipro team have been looking at more articles on Sustainability and climate change.  This extract discusses Government legislation and the devolution from central government to local government in strategic planning and therefore prosecution.  We find this very important as we believe in the accountability of local government and authorities to take responsibility and encourage sustainable projects are paramount.

'In order to ensure compliance with all this primary and secondary legislation, the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006 means that local authorities will be able to prosecute for breaches of energy efficiency standards within six months of discovering the breach, rather than within six months of completion of the relevant work, as was previously the case.

The local Government White Paper, issued in Autumn 2006 will devolve greater powers and responsibilities to local authorities in respect of climate change policies. In Wales, all local authorities have signed a declaration committing them to producing a climate change action plan. In London, the Mayor has published London's own energy strategy.

The much talked-about energy certification in respect of existing homes was deferred this summer, at least in part, through action taken by the RICS to challenge the legality of the Government's proposals. Notwithstanding, the Government maintains a long-term ambition of carbon neutral development. To achieve this, it proposes the following:

*  to set energy efficiency levels for the Code for Sustainable Homes;
*  for these levels to govern the future direction of Building Regulation;
*  to renew the Building Regulations guidelines in order to improve compliance;
*  to require government-funded housing to meet at least level 3 of the code;
*  to introduce Energy Performance Certificates for new and existing houses;
*  to develop a new Planning Policy Statement on climate change;
*  to urge planning authorities to set ambitious policies on renewable energy.'

Most of the proposals are now a reality... including the home energy certification.  Now in 2006 it must have seemed a very difficult task to change peoples ideas about sustainability and energy performance legislation.  Now in 2009 it's a reality!

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