The Versatility of the Shipping Container!

posted 16.08.2013

This year?s BBC Apprentice showcased the shipping container pop up mall in Shoreditch, which got us here at Recipro thinking what else is achievable with shipping containers, aside from a retail experience with a difference. A quick look through the search engines sheds some light on some great examples where old shipping containers have become wonderful and versatile structures. We even found out...

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Coca Cola looks to increase Reuse

posted 15.08.2013

 Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has launched a new awareness campaign to get consumers to think more about how they can reduce their waste by reusing and recycling their products after use. The campaign called ?Don?t Waste. Create? will last for 6 weeks and will actively encourage consumers to reuse their waste packaging at home and also pledge to recycle when reuse isn?t possible. The campaigns mai...

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A Tail of Two Cans

posted 07.08.2013

Visit to find your nearest places to donate your paint and outlets where you can buy paint that is enjoying a second lease of life (sold at a fraction of the price, but as good as new!) This film was made for Community RePaint, sponsored by Dulux and produced by Flow Films, to celebrate 20 years of the Network's success....

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Community RePaint Wirral Opens

posted 07.08.2013

The national Community RePaint scheme diverts unwanted, surplus paint from the waste stream and redistributes it for reuse by individuals, groups and communities in need. ReciproCity Wirral is very excited to announce that we have now taken over the Community Repaint Wirral scheme to provide our customers with a one stop shop for low costing emulsion, gloss, masonry and metal paints. We also have ...

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The battle against single-use carrier bags

posted 26.07.2013

In the second of our consumer activity series we look at the UK?s battle with the single-use carrier bag. The single use carrier bag has been exposed to a great deal of bad press, we use over 8 billion of them every year, they require millions of barrels of oil to produce, they litter, they don?t degrade and they are distributed for free, well at least in most places. Whilst there is still ongoin...

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