Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction Part 8

posted 07.07.2009
Here at the recipro offices we're still getting excited about the sustainable construction draft that we've been reading during the past month. Just to give the readers a quick overview of what we've been discussing;

This report analyses responses to the consultation on the draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction. The aim of the consultation was to gather views on the draft Strategy. 149 responses were received and comments analysed against each of the 28 questions in the consultation document. This report reflects the views of the respondents to each question
in sequence. Please feel free to read previous blog entries to understand the scope of todays question.

Q1: How can the Strategy be refreshed in future?

1. Respondents felt overwhelmingly that the Strategy needed to be tracked and refreshed in the future; and that the strong engagement between Government and industry and stakeholders should continue.

2. Some respondents suggested that progress be assessed independently and a range of organisations and individuals offered to be engaged in future reviews.

3. Views on the frequency of reviews ranged from continuous / organic reviews to a major review in seven years time. The median period suggested for reviews was 2-3 years.

Recipro will keep you informed

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