Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction Part 13

posted 22.07.2009
More from the recipro office, this post focuses on the legislation that hinders sustainability in business operations.

Q: We would be grateful for information from you on specific pieces of legislation which are impeding your ability to be more sustainable in your business operations.

1. Many respondents favoured better and simpler regulation. A number of respondents highlighted the importance of more effective planning and Building Control (and enforcement) system to help to deliver change, achieve clarity, ensure compliance and lead to improved standards.

2. A number of respondents considered the UK waste regime to be too complex (particularly for SMEs) and that there needed to be greater clarity in the definition of waste and current licensing, recycling and reuse issues.

3. Some respondents felt there was a positive role for regulation to frame and drive up standards, while creating a period of certainty during which industry could adapt its processes and products to the new standards. Some said that regulation should be complemented by other initiatives such as financial incentives to encourage innovation.

4. Some respondents said the Strategy was an opportunity to develop mechanisms to change things for the better. Many contributors from the industry, institutions and trade bodies were committed to this change. They looked to Government leadership to set a framework for change to which individuals and businesses could commit.

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