Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction Part 11

posted 14.07.2009
More from Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction. At recipro we continue to publish extracts from this draft not only because it aligns with our goals but also the nature of feedback given is important to us.  Let us know what you think!

Q: Which of the proposed actions for business do you consider to be a priority? Why? What are the barriers to implementing this action and how might they be overcome? Who should take the lead in implementing this action?

1. Some respondents felt it wrong to focus on priorities since action was required across a broad front. Others suggested a single action. Some discussed the difficulty of appraising design quality.

2. The three top priorities identified by respondents were: early supply chain engagement or integration; greater demand for Design Quality Indicators (DQIs) and BREEAM; and for clients to drive the process. There was little comment on how contractors might promote the adoption of DQIs more effectively when this was primarily an issue for the client. There was an
important role for the public sector as client and scope for using better regulation to promote the uptake of BREEAM standards.

3. A number of respondents felt that more attention should be paid to the supply chain and the role of integrated teams rather than the client / designer relationship.

4. The continuing focus on initial cost rather than whole life value was seen as key. In the public sector, the distinction between capital expenditure and operational budgets characterised the issue. Lack of knowledge sharing between professions could result in “partial” advice and guidance.

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