Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction Part 10

posted 09.07.2009
Some more information from the Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction. The purpose of the paper is to gain respondents views on the outlined proposals using qualitative data.

Q: Is target 5.2 stretching, achievable and realistic? If not, then please propose an alternative. Which organisations should be responsible for this target?

Target 5.2 proposed that 20% of all projects with a value in excess of £1 million should have used the Design Quality Indicators and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) or equivalents and achieve an excellent rating, by the end of 2008.

1. There was a broad range of responses and no clear consensus on this proposed target. Some felt the target was insufficiently challenging; others felt it was unachievable.

2. Several questioned whether the target was appropriate, with a number saying it was very difficult for rural buildings to attain an “Excellent” BREEAM rating. Others questioned how the BREEAM target might be measured since the assessment was confidential between the client and the assessor. Others commented that BREEAM did not assess social
issues. There were questions about how the 20% of projects would be identified and whether a “blanket” £1m threshold was appropriate for all types of construction projects.

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