Construction Sector Gearing up for CRC

posted 06.04.2010


CRC or the Carbon Reduction Commitment is the latest government initiative to try to reduce the UK’s carbon consumption. The initiative requests that all companies using in excess of £500,000 of energy per year will need to register for the CRC. Those companies whom do not register will be hit with some fairly hefty fines.

The CRC commitments are designed to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions as well as raise awareness in the larger organisations especially at a senior level. In turn there is a hope for changes in behaviour and infrastructure.

These commitments began on the 1st of April, and saw Wall Engineering to be the pioneer, being the first to register. After the initial year there will be a league table complied from the data and those companies producing more carbon than the average will be forced to buy carbon credits. Initial reports indicate these will be at a cost of £12 per tonne of Carbon, but will fluctuate in an auction style process after a few years.

On the flip side companies producing less carbon than the average will be rewarded with the money from carbon credit refunded to these companies. These rewards and punishments are intended to create a competitive market for carbon usage with financial rewards possible.

This competitive edge may well stem beyond obvious financial gains with the positive PR which will surround companies that are actively taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. In terms of construction companies this will be firm evidence of their environmental and social commitment and could well prove to be important when tendering for jobs.

Clients are now starting to demand more than just competitive prices, but also clear indications of a company’s environmental and social impacts. In order to remain competitive construction companies are going to need to continue to move in accordance with client demands.

Recipro is currently working with CCI North West and Salford University to develop a carbon calculator, which can effectively measure the reductions in carbon through use of the Recipro website.

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